Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More of Notre Maison and HHH clinic

Six of us (Felipe, Matt, Nev, Margaret, Amy and Fiona) made another jaunt "through the town" with the expert driving of Joel to visit Notre Maison with the intention of following through with our previous day's assessments. This included modifying some ill fitting wheelchairs by adding footrests (Matt's specialty) and readjusting the seats and backrests of these little ones' wheelchairs. It was amazing to see the smiles on their faces as they obviously felt more comfortable in their chairs. Matt and Felipe did a wonderful job of fitting AFOs (leg braces) and shoes with several children who would never have been able to stand or walk! I asssisted this whole process and even had the privilege of helping a little 7 year old boy who had never stood or walked before take his first steps, smiling all the way (both of us)! Fiona was able to offer therapy intervention with several children and demonstrating some programs with the staff. Amy, our wonderful team leader, organized and coordinated this effort by listing the children and identifying all their needs and follow up recommendations. This will especially be important for the continuity of care. Nev provided followup medical care for several whom we were very concerned about yesterday. She referred 8 children for parasitic GI infection and medical treatment/antibiotics.
Amy and Felipe were fighting over the custody of a darling little 3 year old boy :), who will soon be adopted by a family.
If one wants to donate to Notre Maison Orphanage, you may contact Gertrude, the director, at They use DHL service to receive packages at this address:
Route Nle #1 Sarthe 41 Rue Camorade #3 Port au Prince Haiti. Some items that they might need are kids' shoes, a solar radio, coloring books and crayons or any other toys..all kinds!

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  1. can you tell me how Carly is? She has polio and is 4 at Notre Maison. I was trying to help her get to the states on a medical visa. thanks