Sunday, May 9, 2010

Malissa's Hope Orphanage in Port-au-Prince

We were at the Malissa's Hope Orphanage in Port-au-Prince to assess the needs of the children with disabilities. The kids were amazing and we were able to fix up some of their chairs, teach the care providers some exercises and write down a list of needs that we would try to find a way to get to the kids. You can mail supplies directly to the orphanage using DHL and they will be able to pick it up: Jean Pascal Bain - Director, Marin 26 Rue Le Refuge #32, BonRePos, Port-au-Prince, Haiti you can also email the orphanage director Pascal and check what he needs at Out of the things you could mail some things they need are: tents, coloring books and reading books in English and French, toys, shoes, clothes ages 4-15.

Haiti Orphan Rescue Project - Mike, Malissa's Hope Orphanage - Pascal, LIV NGO - Nevena all part of HHH planning a fundraiser that will help the 10 orphanages that made an association last night to help voice their needs to the world.

Mike with Paula, Michael and Vincent

Megan and Margaret working with Mr. Peterson who will need to be assessed for his hydrocephalus and hopefully get a treatment in the US if we can figure out how. Mr. Peterson loves to sing and listen to music but he has nothing to listed to. You could mail him a solar powered radio. :)

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