Saturday, April 24, 2010

Team meeting 4/22/10

We rounded up some of the team to meet each other and go over details of our trip to Haiti. We even skyped-in Margaret from LA to join us! I am really excited about our team and I know we will accomplish great things. Wish us luck!

(from left: Felipe, CPO, Melinh OTS, Chelsey, OTS, Fiona, OTR/L, Amy, OTLA)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

two successful yard sales raise funds for our trip

Thanks again to Fiona and Chin for letting us invade their space. We appreciate all the donations for items to sell and all the hard work from the team to pull off 2 yard sales this spring!

Quote of the day: "all you can carry for $1"... this woman took that offer very seriously! hahaha

Our team

Amy Garland, OT
Fiona Wong, OTR/L
Chelsey Blatter, OTS
Olivia Corcoran, OTS
Melinh Jenkins, OTS
Meghan Jones, OTS
Nevena Zubcevik, PT
Margaret Mortimore, PT
Rami Weinberg PT
Felipe Villanueva, CPO
Matthew Garibaldi, CPO
Janae Grimshaw, OTR/L