Wednesday, May 12, 2010

HHH Rehab Tent Clinic

Today Rami, Chelsey, Meghan, Melinh, and Olivia headed to the HHH Rehab Tent Clinic to help with the outpatient clients that arrive each morning. We started by reviewing charts and speaking with the rehab techs that staff the clinic. The clinic is well equiped with supplies and has several treatment tables, an exercise bike, a treadmill, theraputty, theraband, and other supplies. We saw approximately 12 patients with varying diagnosis such as stroke, fractures, crush injuries, and nerve impingements. We supplied the patients we saw with home exercises that would help them increase strength and decrease pain. By practicing some exercises at home, the patients will not have to travel from hours away to the clinic in order to make progress in their rehabilitation. We were also able to provide and modify AFO's for a few patients. One in particular smiled and laughed after successfully walking without his walker while wearing an AFO we had modified for him. It was an amazing day, and we were impressed with how well the clinic is running.


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